• Unveils 5 storey building headquarters
  • Aims to twin tower of 25 storey building
  • By Maduka Nweke

The Pertinence Group has carved a niche in the real estate business with the empowerment of Nigerians in the area of home ownership and land acquisition.

The Group also aims to empower more than 1,000,000 people through ownership of buildings or lands in various parts of the country by the time it will mark its 10 years .
Speaking to PropertyMart on the successes Pertinence Group has recorded in a short while, at the unveiling of the 5 Storey HQ building in Egbeda, Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, Pettysave, a subsidiary of Pertinence Group, Mr. Abel Adejoh said, technology has improved everything they do as a company.
According to him, since our business revolves around homeownership, saving investment, customer care, everything like that, technology has helped in the job. He said the Group has one company under the Group that cares more about homeownership, the RealVest Global, which is homeownership and also real technology.
While discussing the effect of recession, the Lockdowns and the EndSARS on the company, Adejo said, “I will not say it has not affected us because it has made us to grow as a company. If the Coronavirus affected your company negatively, it means obviously you have to improve but good enough, we were prepared for that because prior to the Coronavirus, we were already moving into the tech stage being a tech inclined Group of companies. So I will say all the Coronavirus did for us was to keep us in the house to rest. In a way, some people needed that rest and work from home. When it comes to operation, it didn’t affect us anyway. When company can pull off a massive building like this, even after the recession, Coronavirus and all that has hit, for us as a company, things even improved during this period and that is why we are here today to celebrate all of that,”he said.
While fielding questions on the success of their partnership in face of distrust seen to destroying such businesses in Nigeria, the Executive Director, Pertinence Group, Sunday Olorunsheyi said, “In whatever industry your business is, I assure you that it will profit you to strive more for the trust of people than their money”.
He said, ours is an example of how partnership works in this part of the world. “Sincerely, if you go to the Western world. Partnership is a normal deal. If you look at most valuable companies in the world today, like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc you find how partnerships work. “Partnership is not common in Africa but we are now changing the narrative. For us, people must have understanding if they want to get to the same destination together. Most problems you have with partnership is when the partners lack understanding. For us we are not saying ours is perfect or rosy no, but there are few challenges but we can confidently say that being together over a decade, we are yet to have a single crash as partners. It is on the ground of understanding, sacrifice, maturity and so many other factors to come into it”.
On the challenges the Group has experienced since the eight years of partnership, another Executive Director, Pertinence Group, Mr. Wisdom Ezekiel, said, the greatest thing God can give in business is the gift of people and the greatest challenge will also be managing people.
“This is one of the greatest challenges one can have in business. But I think that one way or the other, God has helped us to channel one of the principles of our work to drive human beings,”he said.
While fielding questions on where to be in 10 years to come, Mr. Olorunsheyi said, “we already have this 5 storey building but we have in mind that we shall have a twin tower of 25 storey building. We are five plus now, if you take it away from 50 it is only 5 per cent. So when we are ten, we look forward to achieving that and even beyond, in terms of achieving that which is our primary focus. What I can say about our organization is that we would have empowered more than 1,000,000 Nigerians by the time we are ten years old.
On the Organisation of the subsidiaries, Mr. Ezekiel said, “we have appointed CEOs. One of the reasons we appointed the CEOs is as a result of ensuring that we put system and structure in all that we manage. So we have CEOs, we have managers so each business has it’s on identity. On this floor, it may shortchanged you to know that we have 3 companies that occupy it and have other companies being on their own doing very well where they are. So, that is the kind of system, we have been able to put in place. The company itself is an enterprise on its own, an empowerment company that is focused on people. Our direction is ensuring that we get the right people for the right job”.


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