David Seymour Faces Backlash for Guy Fawkes Comment on Ministry for Pacific Peoples

In a recent turn of events, David Seymour, the leader of the ACT Party in New Zealand, has found himself in the midst of controversy after making a comment related to Guy Fawkes and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. His statement has drawn criticism from various quarters, sparking discussions about cultural sensitivity, political discourse, and the responsibility of public figures to choose their words wisely.

The Controversial Comment


David Seymour’s comment was made during a discussion about the Ministry for Pacific Peoples and its funding priorities. He likened the ministry’s budget allocation process to “giving fireworks to Guy Fawkes” – a reference to the infamous English historical figure who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. The comment, which was perceived by many as insensitive and offensive, immediately sparked backlash from the public and other political figures.

Cultural Insensitivity

One of the primary concerns raised by critics was the cultural insensitivity embedded within Seymour’s comment. Drawing a parallel between a ministry dedicated to promoting the well-being of Pacific Peoples and a historical figure associated with an act of terrorism struck many as inappropriate and offensive. This kind of rhetoric not only undermines the importance of the ministry’s work but also trivializes the experiences of Pacific communities.

Political Discourse and Responsible Communication


Seymour’s comment also brings to light the importance of responsible communication, especially from public figures and political leaders. In a diverse and multicultural society like New Zealand, it is crucial for politicians to choose their words carefully and thoughtfully. Political discourse should be focused on discussing policy differences and advocating for ideas without resorting to inflammatory language that can polarize communities and hinder constructive dialogue.

Backlash and Apology

In the wake of the controversy, David Seymour faced swift backlash from various quarters, including Pacific community leaders, fellow politicians, and the general public. Many demanded an apology and called for him to take responsibility for his words. Recognizing the impact of his comment, Seymour eventually issued an apology, acknowledging that his choice of words was inappropriate and expressing regret for any offense caused.

Lessons Moving Forward

This incident serves as a reminder that public figures carry a significant responsibility in shaping public discourse and influencing societal attitudes. It underscores the need for greater cultural awareness, sensitivity, and education among politicians to ensure that their statements do not perpetuate harmful stereotypes or belittle the experiences of marginalized communities.


Moving forward, there is an opportunity for a broader discussion about the role of language in political rhetoric and the kind of discourse that contributes positively to public discourse. Additionally, this incident can serve as a catalyst for raising awareness about the important work of the Ministry for Pacific Peoples and the need for respectful and inclusive discussions around its funding priorities.


David Seymour’s controversial comment involving Guy Fawkes and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples has ignited discussions about cultural sensitivity, responsible communication, and the impact of political discourse. It highlights the critical role that public figures play in shaping societal attitudes and emphasizes the need for greater understanding and respect for diverse communities. As New Zealand continues to navigate the complexities of its multicultural society, incidents like this remind us of the ongoing work required to foster inclusivity and unity.

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